The company T&T-trade, s.r.o. (limited liability company) produces, purchases and sells hatching eggs, live broiler chickens and consumption eggs for companies from Eastern and Western European countries.

The purpose of our business is customer satisfaction, which is why we place emphasis on the quality of delivered hatching eggs. For the long and successful period of conducting our business, we have done a lot of deals with foreign customers.


Cooperation with us is direct, fast and of high quality. We provide our clients with a complete service in the field of hatching egg sales.
We are specialists. Our team of qualified workers carefully processes each order and takes care of its professional execution.

We will arrange all the paperwork to meet requirements. We take care of a complete service in terms of transportation.


Logo Mach Drůběž, Litomyšl a.s.

The company MACH, the chicken hatchery, producer of day-old broiler chickens, was established in 1992.
The headquarters of the company and its own hatchery are located in the town of Litomyšl, in the historic building Hraběnčin dvůr (the Countess’s Court) from 1660, which has been sensitively reconstructed.

Currently, the company represents the largest and most modern hatchery complex in Central and Eastern Europe. During its twenty-year dynamic existence, it has increased the hatchery capacity from the original 10 million to the current 165 million chickens per year, the rearing capacity to 1,750,000 chickens and the parent stock breeding capacity to 1,500,000 chickens.

Currently, the company has about a 40 percent share of the Czech Republic’s day-old broiler chicken market and dominates on Slovakia’s market with its more than 60 percent share.