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Hen ROSS 308
ROSS 308
Hen COBB 500
COBB 500
Slepice ROSS 308

ROSS 308

has become one of the most popular broilers worldwide. Its reputation is built on its ability to grow rapidly with minimal feed consumption. It is preferred by highly integrated units that need above-average utility properties combined with balanced body musculature and high muscle yields.

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Slepice COBB 500

COBB 500

is a robust, fast-growing broiler with excellent feed conversion. The Cobb 500 broiler is known for its ability to achieve high daily gains while using cheaper feeds with lower nutrient levels. This enables you to achieve the lowest costs per kilogram of live weight.

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The hatching eggs of the ROSS and COBB breeds that we offer, including live broiler chickens, come from modern hatcheries, which are currently among the largest ones in Europe. Top technologies used by the hatcheries located in the Czech Republic and Slovakia guarantee excellent quality of hatching eggs and chickens.

The company MACH DRŮBEŽ, A.S. LITOMYŠL is a holder of quality and environmental management system certificates according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 standards.

We will provide our business partners with the supply of table eggs upon request.

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